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The Process of Belief
Bad Religion
14 tracks
The Process of Belief - CD - 2002
Label: Epitaph Europe Catalog ID: 6635-2
Country: Europe Barcode: No barcode
Format CD Matrix / Run-out #:
Release date: 1/22/2002 Disc / Label details: CD-r
Misc: Bootleg! - 14 tracks - Jewel case with thin paper booklet
Remark: The Process of Belief bootleg CD. There's no barcode, label (address) or C&P at the back of the record. It has a 3 page booklet without lyrics and only the credits. The font of the letters on the side of the record are different; same as the letters on the tracklist (bold). It also has an inlay, unlike the original record. The disc has slightly darker colors and the songs are barely readable. The disc seems to be a CD-r.
  • The Process of Belief - Front (1011x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • The Process of Belief - Front (jewel case) (1130x1000)
    Front (jewel case)
    By: Jesse
  • The Process of Belief - Back (1287x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • The Process of Belief - Inlay (1285x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • The Process of Belief - CD (1002x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • The Process of Belief - CD (1044x1000)
    By: Jesse
  • Tracklist
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    Song title Song writer(s) Version Length Interpretations
    1 Brett Gurewitz Album version 1:46 10
    2 Greg Graffin Album version 1:14 3
    3 Brett Gurewitz Album version 1:09 3
    4 Brett Gurewitz Album version 2:54 13
    5 Greg Graffin Album version 2:35 6
    6 Greg Graffin Album version 1:53 10
    7 Greg Graffin Album version 3:19 14
    8 Brett Gurewitz Album version 3:21 16
    9 Greg Graffin Album version 3:59 10
    10 Brett Gurewitz Album version 2:10 3
    11 Brett Gurewitz Album version 3:53 9
    12 Greg Graffin Album version 2:18 2
    13 Brett Gurewitz Album version 2:49 12
    14 Greg Graffin Album version 3:25 3
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