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T-shirts - Girlies
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Cross Buster Reverse -Girlie - Sales pic. (400x400)
T-shirts - Girlies 2016 Authentic
Gildan - White - An authentic shirt featuring the classic Bad Religion Crossbuster logo printed on the inside of a fitted girlie tee. Sizes WS-WM-WL. Gildan Softstyle. Sold by Kings Road Merch since Jan 2016.
Multi Icon Girlie Tank Top - Front (400x400)
Multi Icon Girlie Tank Top - Detail (400x400)
T-shirts - Girlies 2015 Authentic
Unknown manufacturer - Unknown color - An authentic grey womens racerback tank top with "Bad Religion" and a multi-icon design featuring several religious symbols (crescent moon, cross (up and down), the star of David.) in black print. Women's S-XL. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
Monochrome Crossbuster Girlie - Front (400x400)
T-shirts - Girlies 2014 Authentic
Unknown manufacturer - Black - A grey Crossbuster print on a comfortable fitting women’s tee. S-XL. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
Bad Religion Crossbuster - Front (821x1000)
T-shirts - Girlies 2013 Bootleg
Gildan Soft Style - Black - An unauthentic girlie shirt from Estonia featuring "Bad Religion" in white and a crossbuster with the buster inverted and a too small cross. Sold in sizes S-L.
Two headed Eagle - Front (480x640)
T-shirts - Girlies 2013 Authentic
Tultex - Black - An authentic girlie tee featuring a crest-like design with a two-headed eagle that has a Crossbuster on its chest.
$ Girl - Front (612x959)
T-shirts - Girlies 2012 Bootleg
Unknown manufacturer - Black - An allsize womens spandex shirt featuring the $ Girl on the front under "Bad Religion" in red with white borders. Produced in USA.
Bad Religion Girlie Tee - Front (698x756)
Bad Religion Girlie Tee - Front (Close-Up) (720x960)
T-shirts - Girlies 2012 Authentic
Unbranded - Red - A cap sleeved, red girlie tee featuring "Bad Religion" in the style of the "Angry Andy" design.
Bad Religion Girlie Tee - Front (640x480)
Bad Religion Girlie Tee - Front Closeup (640x480)
T-shirts - Girlies 2011 Authentic
StarTee - Red - This girls' tee features the name of the band on the front in stacked format. There is nothing on the back.
Bad Religion Purple Girlie - Front (750x1000)
T-shirts - Girlies 2011 Authentic
Gildan (Softstyle) - Purple - A girlie shirt sold during the European The Dissent of Man Tour. It only has a print on the front.
Girlie Purple - Front (1000x750)
Girlie Purple - Front Closeup (1000x750)
T-shirts - Girlies 2011 Authentic
Tultex - Purple - This girlie tee features Bad Religion across the front in an atypical font. There is nothing on the back. This shirt was sold on the Endgame Tour with Rise Against.
Crossbuster Blood Spatter - Front (1000x750)
T-shirts - Girlies 2010 Authentic
Gildan Soft Style - White - The front of this shirt features a crossbuster with red spatter. The merch. booth where it was purchased called it the Blood Spatter shirt
Worn Crossbuster - Front (687x626)
T-shirts - Girlies 200x Authentic
Unknown manufacturer - Black - This girlie shirt features Bad Religion text across the front with a crossbuster. This text used is a departure from their typical font.
Devil Prayer - Front (924x685)
T-shirts - Girlies 2009 Authentic
Unknown manufacturer - White -Heather Grey - A girlie shirt featuring "Bad Religion" in black and a red image of two men and a boy with horns and tails praying. Sold during the Warped Tour.
Skullcity - Front (613x650)
T-shirts - Girlies 2009 Authentic
Tultex - Black - A black girlie featuring the Skullcity design. Sold at the Warped Tour.
New Maps Of Hell - New Maps Of Canada - Front (902x1000)
New Maps Of Hell - New Maps Of Canada - Back (913x1000)
T-shirts - Girlies 2008 Authentic
Tultex - White - A slimfit girlies tee featuring the "Bad Religion New Maps Of Hell City"-design on the front and "Bad Religion" and "New Maps Of Canada 2008" with tour dates in between in pink coloring.
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