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Quote of the day: "I am just an atom in an ectoplasmic sea without direction or a reason to exist." - Delirium Of Disorder
BR Lexicon
Well, we all know how smart the world's greatest punk band is. This lexicon should prove it! Herein lies most of the big words found in the lyrics of just about every Bad Religion song. Some words might not be so obscure to you, but when in doubt, we threw it in anyway. There should be something here for everybody. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Eric Legault!

Currently the lexicon contains 556 words.
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Existing or being everywhere at the same time
- Greg Graffin
Without losing any original force or violence
- Greg Graffin
1. being in a neglected or untidy condition; disheveled; messy
2. unpolished; rough; crude
- Greg Graffin
Not disrupted, agitated, or greatly disturbed, esp. in mind; unchanged from it's original state
- Brett Gurewitz
Not relenting; having no pity; not being or becoming lenient, mild, gentle
- Greg Graffin
- Brett Gurewitz
- Greg Graffin
1. not feeling sorry for a past action or attitude
2. feeling no remorse
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin
Not harmed or damaged in any way; untouched
- Brett Gurewitz
To reprove sharply; reproach
- Greg Graffin