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BR Lexicon
Well, we all know how smart the world's greatest punk band is. This lexicon should prove it! Herein lies most of the big words found in the lyrics of just about every Bad Religion song. Some words might not be so obscure to you, but when in doubt, we threw it in anyway. There should be something here for everybody. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Eric Legault!

Currently the lexicon contains 592 words.
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Passing gently through the air
- Greg Graffin
A moderately fast ballroom dance
- Greg Graffin, Brian Baker
To fall gradually from power, prosperity, or influence
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin
A confused mass or jumble
- Brett Gurewitz
Thin, fine, or delicate
- Greg Graffin
1. Full of yearning or longing
2. Sad and thoughtful
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin
1. Destruction or ruin
2. A remnant or vestige of something destroyed
- Brett Gurewitz
1. Great anger
2. Punishment
- Greg Graffin