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Collectibles collection of Egg (3 items)
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Reagan - North American Endgame Tour v.1 - Front (1000x750) Reagan - North American Endgame Tour v.1 T-shirts - Short sleeves 2011 Authentic
This shirt features a black and white image of Ronald Reagan, commonly used by the band. Bad Religion is written down the side of the picture, as seen in previous shirts. The back of this shirt has the North American Endgame Tour dates listed, ending with May 13- Chicago, IL, centered below the two columns of dates.
30 Years  - 1980 to 2010  - Front (1000x750) 30 Years - 1980 to 2010 T-shirts - Short sleeves 2010 Authentic
Sold only on the 30 years tour. The front of this rare shirt features the standard 'Bad Religion' text in red. The back features "1980-2010. 30 Years".
Crossbuster -Distressed - Distressed BR CB (882x1000) Crossbuster -Distressed T-shirts - Short sleeves 2008 Authentic
A shirt featuring the classic Bad Religion-Crossbuster in a distressed fashion. Sold by Hot Topic.