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Bad Religion, the ‘McCartney and Lennon of punk,’ to make Spokane debut - No image (x)
Interview | Internet 3/26/2022 English
No synopsis available
Source: The Spokesman-Review (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Do What You Want: An Interview With Bad Religion Frontman and Evolutionist Greg Graffin Ph.D.
Interview | Internet 8/20/2020 English
No synopsis available
Source: The Cornell Daily Sun (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Interview: Jay Bentley of Bad Religion - No image (x)
Interview | Internet 8/18/2020 English
No synopsis available
Source: Buffalo Rising (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion
Interview | Internet 7/27/2020 English
In this interview Screen Rant talks to Jay about how "You" ended up in Tony Hawk's game, the skate scene over the years and how Jay is part of a skateboarding crew called The Old Men Rollers.
Source: Screen Rant (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion
Interview | Internet 7/9/2020 English
No synopsis available
Source: Modern Drummer (United States)
With: Jamie Miller
Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin talks about the band’s 40 years of punk rock - No image (x)
Interview | Internet 6/3/2020 English
An interview with Graffin about the Do What You Want book.
Source: The Orange County Register (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Brian Baker of Fake Names - Interview (1317x910)
Interview | Magazine 6/1/2020 English
No synopsis available
Source: Record Collector Magazine (June 2020) (United States)
With: Brian Baker
Bad Religion Reflect on 40 Years Together - No image (1317x910)
Interview | Magazine 3/12/2020 English
Bad Religion Reflect on 40 Years Together: ‘We Kind of Lapse Back into Our Old High School Selves When We’re Together’
Source: Spin (United States)
With: Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Interview with Greg Graffin - No image (1317x910)
Interview | Internet 10/10/2019 English
The Bad Religion frontman and Cornell University lecturer on combining songwriting and academic research and how universities should respond to far-right extremism.
Source: (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Bad Religion
Interview | Internet 10/1/2019 English
Brian talks gear and the band's latest album "Age of Unreason."
Source: (United States)
With: Brian Baker
The Thanks List - No image (960x1172)
Interview | Internet 9/19/2019 English
Interview with Jay in which he talks about his favorite albums, tracks and artists Bad Religion has played with.
Source: The Thanks List (Canada)
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion revels in being ‘the thinking man’s punk band’ - No image (960x1172)
Interview | Internet 8/6/2019 English
Bad Religion revels in being ‘the thinking man’s punk band,’ with new album ‘Age of Unreason’ and Agora date
Source: (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion’s Brian Baker on touring in the
Interview | Internet 8/1/2019 English
Interview with Brian about the new record, touring, etc.
Source: Metro (United States)
With: Brian Baker
Interview | Internet 7/25/2019 English
Brian talks about Age of Unreason, the book and what else will be happening in 2020.
Source: Bad Feeling Magazine (Canada)
With: Brian Baker
La incultura está tomando el control - No image (960x1172)
Interview | Internet 6/6/2019 English
An interview with Brian and Jay when they were in Madrid. They talk about the new album Age of Unreason, but also about what's next for the band.
Source: MondoSonoro (Spain)
With: Brian Baker, Jay Bentley
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