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Non-BR stuff
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Bernie Sanders Suffer Boy Tee - Front (794x794)
Non-BR stuff 2020 Authentic
A black short sleeved t-shirt featuring a caricature of politician Bernie Sanders as the Suffer Boy with a crossed out "1%" in lieu of a crossbuster and the text "Bernie Sanders" in the traditional Bad Religion font. Sold on Etsy.
Non-BR stuff 2015 Authentic
An authentic t-shirt featuring a grey "I'd rather be reading Graffin" -text on the front. Sold in a bundle, and separately, with Graffin's book 'Population Wars' and the limited 7'' vinyl upon Kings Road Merchandise. Gildan Heavy Cotton tee, with a tear-away tag.
Population Wars Shirt  - front (1333x1000)
Population Wars Shirt  - closeup (1333x1000)
Non-BR stuff 2015 Authentic
This shirt was sold on Greg's book release tour for his book "Population Wars".
Anarchy Evolution - Finnish Edition - No title (701x1000)
Anarchy Evolution - Finnish Edition - No title (694x1000)
Non-BR stuff 2011 Authentic
Finnish edition of Anarchy Evolution. The Finnish title is: Anarkia = Evoluutio. Usko, Tiede ja Bad Religion. Published by Like Kustannus Oy and was translated by Tarja Lipponen.
Anarchy Evolution - Signed book (1000x750)
Non-BR stuff 2010 Authentic
A signed copy of Greg Graffin's book, Anarchy Evolution. Below is the preferred seating ticket for the book signing / discussion.
Anarchy Evolution Promo Card - Front (1000x750)
Anarchy Evolution Promo Card - Back (1000x750)
Non-BR stuff 2010 Authentic
This promotional card for Greg Graffin's book Anarchy Evolution, was distributed at the Nov 19th and 20th San Francisco shows at the end of the 30 Years tour.
Burton Snowboards Snow Control - Front (714x1000)
Non-BR stuff 2010 Authentic
Black short sleeved t-shirt made by Burton Snowboards featuring artwork similar to the cover artwork of No Control but stylized to read "Burton Snowboards".
Love Is Red Crossbuster - Front (1300x1000)
Love Is Red Crossbuster - Front (Close-Up) (709x1000)
Non-BR stuff 2010 Authentic
A shirt featuring "Love Is Red" over the crossbuster on the front. 55 made for the Love Is Red reunion show in Nashville, TN. Love Is Red was a melodic hardcore band, active from 2000-2005.
Vans Warped Tour
Vans Warped Tour Vans Warped Tour
Non-BR stuff 2007 Authentic
A black shirt from the Warped Tour 2007 that has listed on the back Bad Religion as one of the bands that performed that year.
Cold As The Clay Promo Card - Front (750x1000)
Cold As The Clay Promo Card - Back (1000x750)
Non-BR stuff 2006 Authentic
This promotional card for what would be Greg Graffin's upcoming release, Cold As The Clay, were distributed at one of several concerts. The front shows the cover art for Cold As The Clay, the back has some details about the album.
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas - Front (796x1000)
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas - Back (828x1000)
Non-BR stuff 2001 Authentic
A green t-shirt from the KROQ's 12th Almost Acoustic Christmas concert.
American Lesion -T-Shirt - Front (1231x947)
American Lesion -T-Shirt - Back (1272x933)American Lesion -T-Shirt - Front (Close-Up) (1296x972)
Non-BR stuff 1997 Authentic
A white t-shirt featuring the flag of United States on the front where the stars are replaced with dollar signs and the red stripes are made of broken hearts.On the upper back is written "American Lesion" in black. Sold on BR tours in '97-'98.
Daredevils T-shirt - Front (1277x1000)
Daredevils T-shirt - Back (1279x1000)
Non-BR stuff 1996 Authentic
A shirt featuring a yelling head on the front that was featured on the cover artwork and "Daredevils" on the upper back.
Junkyard collectible cards - Brian Front 1 (343x480)
Junkyard collectible cards - Brian Front 2 (345x482)Junkyard collectible cards - Brian (Back) (347x483)
Non-BR stuff 1991 Authentic
Collectable RockCards containing photos of Brian Baker.
Bleeding Cross - Front (640x480)
Bleeding Cross - Front Closeup (640x480)Bleeding Cross - Back (640x480)
Non-BR stuff Unknown Unknown
This shirt features two angels playing trumpets surrounding a cross through a heart. This shirt was produced by a company called Maret, and probably has nothing to do with the band.
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