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Collectibles collection of Latch-Key-Kid (5 items)
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Television - Sales pic. (400x400) Television T-shirts - Short sleeves 2016 Authentic
An authentic shirt featuring an original design by LA-based artist Kevin McCarthy. S-2XL Gildan Heavy Cotton. Kings Road Merch since Jan 2016.
Skeleton Preacher - Front (1188x972) Skeleton Preacher T-shirts - Short sleeves 2014 Authentic
A licensed shirt featuring the True North poster artwork of Brandon Heart on the front. No back print. Sold by various retailers on the web in the sizes S-XXL .
New Maps Of Hell -Album - Front (814x1000) New Maps Of Hell -Album T-shirts - Short sleeves 2008 Authentic
A black shirt featuring the Bad Religion - New Maps Of Hell city design. These were sold with the NMoH US Deluxe Editions.
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Tested Flag With CD Single - Flag with CD Single (1000x750) Tested Flag With CD Single Flags 1997 Authentic
This was a promotional item for the Tested live album. It features a flag with the same design found on the back of the Tested album and a CD single for the album.
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Suffer Puzzle - Box Art (1000x1000) Suffer Puzzle Other miscellaneous 2020 Authentic
A 1000 piece puzzle that displays the album art from Suffer. Measures 20" x 20" when assembled. Production limited to 500 puzzles. Sold by Kings Road Merch.
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Item name Category Year Authenticity
I I'd Rather Be Reading Graffin Non-BR stuff 2015 Authentic
An authentic t-shirt featuring a grey "I'd rather be reading Graffin" -text on the front. Sold in a bundle, and separately, with Graffin's book 'Population Wars' and the limited 7'' vinyl upon Kings Road Merchandise. Gildan Heavy Cotton tee, with a tear-away tag.
Anarchy Evolution - Signed book (1000x750) Anarchy Evolution Non-BR stuff 2010 Authentic
A signed copy of Greg Graffin's book, Anarchy Evolution. Below is the preferred seating ticket for the book signing / discussion.