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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Age of Unreason - Front (629x608)
Age of Unreason Europe CD Epitaph Europe 7636-2 2019
The Kids Are Alt-Right is a hidden track, part of What Tomorrow Brings. Bonus track: The Profane Rights of Man.
Includes fold-out lyric sheet.
16 tracks - Cardboard case with 2 pockets, one each for lyric sheet &cd
True North - Front (1003x1000)
True North Europe CD Epitaph Europe 7228-2 2013
16 tracks - Jewel case
The Dissent of Man - Front (712x712)
The Dissent of Man Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6988-2 2010
15 tracks - Jewel case
30 Years Live - Front (669x669)
30 Years Live United States DL Epitaph Records 2010
17 tracks - Compilation
The Gray Race - Front (943x938)
The Gray Race Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6996-2 2008
15 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
No Substance - Booklet front (576x569)
No Substance Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6997-2 2008
17 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
The New America - Front (599x600)
The New America Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6998-2 2008
15 tracks - Reissue - Digipak
Tested - Booklet front (720x710)
Tested Europe CD Epitaph Europe EPIT-69952 2008
27 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
New Maps of Hell - Front (1120x1000)
New Maps of Hell Europe CD Epitaph Europe 86914-2 2008
2CD Deluxe Edition. Comes with two double sided posters and an extra booklet with artwork.
23 tracks - Digipak with o-card slipcase cover
The Empire Strikes First - Front (716x709)
The Empire Strikes First Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6694-2 2004
14 tracks - Jewel case
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? - Front (1006x1000)
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
14 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
Suffer - Front (528x520)
Suffer - CD (2592x1944)
Suffer Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
Different artwork CD.
15 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
No Control - Front (597x600)
No Control Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
Different CD artwork.
15 tracks - Reissue - Remaster - Jewel case
Against The Grain - Front (714x703)
Against The Grain Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
Different artwork front cover and CD.
17 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
Generator - Front (1009x1000)
Generator Europe CD Epitaph Europe 2004
Different artwork CD.
13 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
The Process of Belief - Front (Cardboard sleeve) (892x800)
The Process of Belief Europe CD Epitaph Europe 6635-2 2002
14 tracks - O-card slipcase and jewel case
Stranger Than Fiction - Front (1014x1000)
Stranger Than Fiction Germany CD Dragnet | Sony Ger. DRA 477343 2 1994
Dragnet 50
17 tracks - Jewel case
Recipe For Hate - Front (713x706)
Recipe For Hate Europe CD Epitaph Europe 1993
CD Repress pressed by Sony DADC.
This is identical to the original except it has Sony DADC on the matrix.
14 tracks - Reissue - Jewel case
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Live At Rock Am Ring June 3rd, 2018 - Front (600x600)
Live At Rock Am Ring June 3rd, 2018 Germany CD Visions 1637 2019
This was a free promo CD that came with the Visions Magazine # 314.

0 tracks - Promo - Cardboard sleeve
All Areas Vol 217 - Front (599x598)
All Areas Vol 217 Germany CD Visions Magazine 2019
Released in a cardboard sleeve with German magazine "Visions" issue 314 (05-19)
1 track - Promo - Compilation - Cardboard sleeve
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