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Quote of the day: "The final page is written in the books of history, as man unleashed his deadly bombs and sent troops overseas" - Part III
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Item name Country Format Label Catalog ID Year Disc / Label details
Hellfest 2013 - No title (567x567)
Hellfest 2013 Europe CD Hexagram Records HFF13012 2013
Soundboard recording from Hellfest, June 22, 2013, France. Produced by Sombrero Productions.
0 tracks
The Best Songs - Front (779x777)
The Best Songs Russia CD Balalayka Records No catalog ID 2005
Probably a second version/press. The back says 2005, but both CDs say 2002.
56 tracks - Jewel case
Punk Rock Am Ring 2002 - Front (1144x1000)
Punk Rock Am Ring 2002 Canada CD Off Road Records BR190502 2004
28 tracks - Digipak
The Ultimate Collection vol.1 - Front (750x1000)
The Ultimate Collection vol.1 United States DVD n/a n/a 2003
12 tracks - Keep case
Florida 2002 - Front (992x1000)
Florida 2002 United States CD n/a n/a 2002
27 tracks - Jewel case
News From The Front - CD (942x942)
News From The Front United States CD N/A N/A 2000 Printed CD-R
A bootleg CD containing b-sides and live tracks (taken from official CD singles).
17 tracks - CD only
More Power Pop - Front (512x509)
More Power Pop United States CD Head Head #4 1998
20 tracks - Jewel case
American Punk Invasion - Front (775x768)
American Punk Invasion Germany CD Dead Dog Records SE 462 1996
27 tracks - Jewel case
Demos & Rarities - LP (898x923)
Demos & Rarities United States 12" n/a n/a 1995 Vinyl: Black / Label: Black
Side A: tracks 1-5 are Generator demos, track 6 previously released as B-side for 21st Century Digital Boy single, track 7 previously released as B-side for Stranger Than Fiction single, and tracks 8 and 9 were recorded in Los Angeles, 1994.
Side B: tracks 1-7 are Stranger Than Fiction demos and tracks 8 and 9 were taken from the European Stranger Than Fiction release.
18 tracks - Limited 150 - Paper dust sleeve
KROQ Christmas Party - Front (474x466)
KROQ Christmas Party United States CD Gema KROQ2 1994
28 tracks - Jewel case
Live USA - Front (999x992)
Live USA Germany CD LSD Records LSD CD 152.040 1994
21 tracks - Jewel case
Live USA 94 - Front (jewel case) (925x814)
Live USA 94 Germany CD Imtrat Music imm 40.90351 1994
Part of the "Live & Alive" series.
29 tracks - Jewel case
Live '93 Germany CD Die Hard Records DHR 002 1993
This bootleg is the same recording as the 'Bad And Worst' bootleg. However, the songs 'Part III', 'Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell' and 'Bad Religion' are not included on this bootleg.
22 tracks - Limited 500 - Jewel case
Live In France - Front (987x981)
Live In France - Vinyl side A (960x955)Live In France - Vinyl side B (974x967)
Live In France United States 12" n/a n/a 1992 Vinyl: Black / Label: Yellow (A), Pink (B)
Despite its name this bootleg is not from France. The recording is from the Bizarre Festival held at VFB Waldstadion, Gießen, Germany on June 29, 1991.
The misunderstanding probably originates from Graffin saying "It's great to be here in Gießen. We've always wanted to come to France".
20 tracks - Paper sleeve with insert
Bad And Worst - Front (708x706)
Bad And Worst South Korea CD Unknown P265 1992
Recorded on August 25, 1989, in Kesselhalle, Bremen, Germany.
27 tracks - Jewel case
From Times Of Suffering - Front (1003x1000)
From Times Of Suffering Germany CD Pickwick Music MTM 007 CD 1992
Recorded on August 25, 1989, in Kesselhalle, Bremen, Germany.
27 tracks - Jewel case
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