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Rock and Roll / Old covers
Bad Religion
4 tracks
Rock and Roll / Old covers - 7" - 1995
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Label: n/a Release date: 1/1/1995
Country: United States Disc / Label details: Cover: Yellow / Vinyl: Clear / Label: White
Format 7"
Misc: Bootleg! - 4 tracks - Cardboard sleeve
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  • Rock and Roll / Old covers - Front (500x495)
    By: Jesse
  • Rock and Roll / Old covers - Vinyl (Clear) (186x184)
    Vinyl (Clear)
    By: admin
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    Song title Song writer(s) Version Length Interpretations
    1 Live 3/31/1983 0
    2 Live 6/1/1984 0
    3 Live 3/31/1983 0
    4 Live 3/31/1983 0
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