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Age of Unreason -Poster - Poster (401x600)
Release 2019 Authentic
11"x17" - Unknown paper quality - No description available
Christmas Songs -Poster - Poster (696x1000)
Release 2013 Authentic
13'' x 19'' - Unknown paper quality - A poster featuring the artwork of Bad Religion's 'Christmas Songs' album. "Eight of the most cherished spiritual holiday songs as interpreted by Bad Religion" is written at the bottom of the poster along with a note that 25% of the proceeds will go to SNAP. At the bottom right corner is the Epitaph Records logo in white.
True North -Poster - Poster (436x651)
Release 2013 Authentic
14'' x 20'' - Glossy - A poster by Epitaph Records promoting the Bad Religion album 'True North' featuring 16 new songs.
True North Out Now! -Poster - Poster (519x730)
Release 2013 Authentic
42 x 59,5 cm - Glossy - A poster by Epitaph Records promoting the Bad Religion album 'True North' featuring 16 new songs.
The Dissent of Man - Out Now! -Poster - Poster (750x1000)
Release 2010 Authentic
4' 7" x 3' 4" - Unknown paper quality - A poster used to promote the album 'The Dissent of Man'.
The Dissent Of Man -Poster -  (682x1000)
Release 2010 Authentic
13'' x 19'' - Glossy - A poster by Epitaph Records promoting Bad Religion's 'The Dissent Of Man' album.
New Maps Of Hell -Poster - New Maps Of Hell - Poster (1201x1600)
New Maps Of Hell -Poster -  (584x778)
Release 2007 Authentic
48 x 33 cm - Unknown paper quality - The promotional poster by Epitaph Records for the release of the 'New Maps Of Hell' album.
Live At The Palladium - Promotional Poster - Poster (750x1000)
Release 2006 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - This promotional poster for their upcoming Live DVD, was given out at a small release party / event at Tower Records in Hollywood, CA.
Empire Strikes First TV Poster - Front (901x754)
Release 2004 Unknown
12" x 12" - Cardboard - Black poster for the release of The Empire Strikes First featuring the image of a television set (with a large eye shown prominently upon the display) in front of a field of red stars.
Recipe For Hate 2004 -Poster - Poster (717x1000)
Release 2004 Bootleg
61cm x 86cm / 24'' x 34'' - Thick, Matte - A poster featuring the Recipe For Hate artwork with a crossbuster. Sold in Germany.
Remaster -Poster - Front (748x1000)
Release 2004 Authentic
18"x24" - Unknown paper quality - Poster promoting the 2004 remastered records, the Vans Warped Tour, and The Empire Strikes First.
The Empire Strikes First - The New Album... -Poster - European (750x1000)
Release 2004 Authentic
Unknown measures - Matte - A poster by Epitaph Europe to promote their 'The Empire Strikes First' album out July 6th, 2004 (US date: June 8th).
The Empire Strikes First -Poster - American (509x708)
Release 2004 Authentic
36'' x 24'' - Glossy - A poster by Epitaph Records to promote their 'The Empire Strikes First' album out June 8th, 2004 (European date: July 6th).
The Process of Belief - Front (687x1000)
Release 2002 Authentic
17"x11" - Unknown paper quality - The Proces of Belief poster featuring the album art.
The Process of Belief - Full (422x600)
Release 2002 Authentic
60x84cm - Unknown paper quality - European promo poster for The Proces of Belief featuring the album art. Has the European release date of 21-01-2002 on it.
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