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1. to gather and store
2. to get or acquire
3. to accumulate or collect
- Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz
Feudal rent or tribute
- Jay Bentley
To stare or gape stupidly
- Greg Graffin
The genetic makeup, as distinguished from the physical appearance, of an organism or a group of organisms
- Greg Graffin
1. positive knowledge or esoteric wisdom, esp. knowledge of spiritual truth or of matters commonly conceived to pertain to faith alone
2. a combining form from Greek; a knowing, denoting cognition or recognition
- Brett Gurewitz
Pompous or bombastic speech or expression.
- Jay Bentley
Dirty, grubby, stained, smeared, filthy
- Greg Graffin
1. To be prone on the ground
2. To crawl
3. To abase oneself before another person
4. To be nice to someone or apologize in the hope of securing something
- Greg Graffin
- Brett Gurewitz
1. general external appearance
2. assumed appearance or mere semblance
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin
- Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson