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Under The Volcano #23 (December 1994) - Cover (1090x1400)
Interview | Magazine 12/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Under The Volcano talks with Greg Hetson and Bobby Schayer about hockey, the 1980 LA punk scene, being on a major label, producers, being on the road and Wayne Kramer.
Source: Under The Volcano #23 (December 1994) (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer, Greg Hetson
FOE (Freedom of Expression) #28 (Fall 1994) - Cover (773x1000)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Bobby Schayer talks about the band, signing to a major label, punk rock music in general and his first band.
Source: FOE (Freedom of Expression) #28 (Fall 1994) (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer
Punk Rock Perseverance - Cover (292x400)
Interview | Magazine 3/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Bobby talks about joining Bad Religion, and playing fast songs.
Source: Drum! #94, March 1994 (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer
Drastic Solutions #5 (July 1991) - Cover (1063x1400)
Interview | Magazine 7/1/1991 English PDF/JPEG
A long interview with the band about the MRR comp, questioning a band's integrity, and about running a label.
Source: Drastic Solutions #5 (July 1991) (Canada)
With: Bobby Schayer, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
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