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Tribute Tape #3 (2001)
  • Tribute Tape 3 - Front - Untitled
    Tribute Tape 3 - Front
  • Songs
    Song Artist
    1 Delirium Of Disorder Billy Stupendous and the Space Cow Band feat. Rubke
    2 Yesterday TomAnon
    3 Part III Spider Rico
    4 Frogger RapeGoat
    5 Two Babies In The Dark Quiet Siege
    6 Skyscraper Pallet Mules
    7 Modern Man Lynn Buttenbusch
    8 Better Off Dead Los Mox!
    9 Skyscraper Klaxon
    10 News From The Front Klaxon
    11 Incomplete Julien
    12 Heaven Is Falling Josh (Panama) Goodman
    13 God Song Josh (Panama) Goodman
    14 Change Of Ideas Jason Johnson
    15 Generator Generator
    16 Raise Your Voice Eustice Xanther
    17 No Direction Dichotomy
    18 I Love My Chipmunk Warp Drive Batty
    19 Punk Rock Song No Ordinary
    20 New America No Ordinary
    21 The Dodo No Ordinary