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Press kits & photos
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Against The Grain - Semaphore Press Release - Front (664x943)
Press kits & photos 1990 Authentic
A 1-sided, A4 sized press release in german promoting the Against The Grain album. Put out by the distributor Semaphore with early, promotional copies of the album in Germany.
Against The Grain Press Release Photo - Front (647x800)
Press kits & photos 1990 Authentic
A 1990 press release photo for Against The Grain. Photographer: Kim Bockus Greg Hetson said of this photo "I broke my arm playing street hockey the day before shoot and was on pain meds. Most photos of me were unusable as my eyes were shut .so I put my glasses on”
Against The Grain Promo Sheet -  (761x919)
Press kits & photos 1990 Authentic
Against the Grain promo one sheet.
Suffer Press Release Photo - Front (600x476)
Press kits & photos 1988 Authentic
A press release photo for Suffer.
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