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Into The Unknown
Bad Religion
8 tracks
Into The Unknown - CD - 2004
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Label: Unknown Release date: 1/1/2004
Country: United States Disc / Label details:
Format CD
Misc: Bootleg! - 8 tracks - Remaster - Jewel case
Catalog ID: epi-bripcd1 | EPI-BRCD
  • Into The Unknown - Front (566x557)
    By: Jesse
  • Into The Unknown - CD (593x513)
    By: Jesse
  • Into The Unknown - Back (586x459)
    By: Jesse
  • Into The Unknown - Booklet (inside) (570x284)
    Booklet (inside)
    By: Jesse
  • Tracklist
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    Song title Song writer(s) Version Length Interpretations
    1 Greg Graffin 1
    2 Brett Gurewitz 4
    3 Brett Gurewitz 3
    4 Greg Graffin 1
    5 Brett Gurewitz 2
    6 Greg Graffin 1
    7 Greg Graffin 2
    8 Greg Graffin 1
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