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Besuch aus dem 19. Jahrhundert - No image (x)
Article | Magazine 8/1/2006 German
No synopsis available
Source: WOM Magazin, August 2006
With: Greg Graffin
Van Bad Religion naar jeugdherinneringen - Cover (983x1400)
Article | Magazine 7/30/2006 Dutch PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Up Magazine #29 (July/ August 2006) (Netherlands)
With: Greg Graffin
Ox-Fanzine, no. 66, June 2006 - Cover (200x283)
Article | Magazine 6/1/2006 German
No synopsis available
Source: Ox-Fanzine, no. 66, June 2006
Rock & Roll Torchbearer - No image (200x283)
Article | Newspaper 4/19/2006 English
No synopsis available
Source: LA Weekly (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Bad Religion Backstage Footage - Screenshot (397x291)
Article | Internet 1/1/2006 Video
Backstage footage from The Riot Special Edition. The footage includes some chats with Greg, Brett and Jay, a photo shoot with the band, Jay and Brett wrapping up the back drop, etc.
Source: The Riot DVD (2006) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley, Pete Finestone
Look Forward to 2004 - No image (397x291)
Article | Internet 8/1/2004 English
An article written by Jay Bentley.
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion
Article | Newspaper 7/8/2004 English
No synopsis available
Source: The Georgia Straight, no. 1907, July 8, 2004
With: Jay Bentley
Article | Newspaper 6/30/2004 English
No synopsis available
With: Brian Baker
Bad Religion and the dialectics of enlightenment - Cover (472x700)
Article | Magazine 5/1/2003 English
This article was originally published in German within TESTCARD #12 (an ambitioned journal for "pop-theory"). It's based on a discussion the author Oliver Uschmann had with Greg Graffin in January 2002, where he confronted Greg's optimistic "humanistic naturalism" and scientific positivism with the dark and sceptic "critical theory" and technological criticism of philosophers like Günther Anders, Theodor W., Adorno or David Noble.
Source: Testcard #12: Linke Mythen, p.102-109
Recipe For Hate - No image (472x700)
Article | Internet 5/1/2003 English
No synopsis available
Source: Ink19 (United States)
The Soundtrack for the Present - Ten Years Late - Screenshot (991x1400)
Article | Internet 4/1/2003 English
A musing on the relevance of "Recipe for Hate" to America under the Bush Administration.
Band reunites with original guitarist for
Article | Internet 10/4/2002 English
No synopsis available
Source: The Honolulu Advertiser (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin
The Reunion Sessions - Cover (1000x1293)
Article | Newspaper 3/7/2002 English PDF/JPEG
Article written by former drummer John Albert.
Source: LA Weekly (United States)
The one true religion  - Cover (800x998)
Article | Magazine 3/1/2002 English PDF/JPEG
Article with comments from Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley about the bands' career and the ups and downs of Epitaph, and The Process of Belief.
Source: SPIN (March 2002) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Metal Hammer, February 2002 - Cover (884x1252)
Article | Magazine 2/1/2002
Source: Metal Hammer, February 2002 (United Kingdom)
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