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The Answer
The bits and pieces of information here presented are gleaned from a variety of sources and was started by Roger Vulture thanks to his ridiculous devotion to Bad Religion. Today, almost 25 years later, The Answer is still constantly being updated.
The guide assumes some previous knowledge of badreligionology and it currently contains 561 articles, ranging from the more reasonably interesting facts to some downright pathetic trivia.
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09/12 Requiem For Dissent wrong planet
08/23 Shattered Faith wrong planet
08/18 Sensory Overload Stinger66
08/17 The Joykiller Stinger66
08/07 Faith Alone 2020 Stinger66
07/27 Red Rocker Marty
07/24 Punk Professor Marty
07/22 Punk Rock Songs (album) Stinger66
07/12 We Are Love You Stinger66
06/29 Live at The Palladium Marty
Updated articles
09/21 Covers of BR songs wrong planet
09/20 Font Marty
09/20 Parodies Marty
09/12 New Maps Of Hell wrong planet
09/12 How Could Hell Be Any Worse? wrong planet
09/08 The Dichotomy Stinger66
08/25 Do What You Want (book) Stinger66
08/23 Shattered Faith wrong planet
08/23 B-sides wrong planet
08/23 True North (album) wrong planet
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