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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Bad Religion 30 Year Anniversary Europe Tour 2010 -  (1347x1000)
Tour 2010 Authentic
18'' x 24'' - Thick, slightly glossy - A "Bad Religion Europe Tour 2010" process printed poster by Munk One.
Bad Religion 30 Year Anniversary Europe Tour 2010 -Artist Edition by Munk One - #16 (1330x1000)
Misc 2010 Authentic
18'' x 24'' - Heavy Weight - A "Bad Religion Europe Tour 2010" limited edition screen printed poster out of 100 copies signed & numbered by Munk One.
Crossbuster Flag - Flag (736x744)
Flags 2010 Authentic
46'' x 46'' - Unknown paper quality - Crossbuster Flag
House Of Blues Anaheim -Poster - Poster (735x918)
Tour 2010 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - A poster promoting Bad Religion's 30 Year Anniversary shows at the House of Blues, Anaheim.
The Dissent of Man - Out Now! -Poster - Poster (750x1000)
Release 2010 Authentic
4' 7" x 3' 4" - Unknown paper quality - A poster used to promote the album 'The Dissent of Man'.
The Dissent Of Man -Poster -  (682x1000)
Release 2010 Authentic
13'' x 19'' - Glossy - A poster by Epitaph Records promoting Bad Religion's 'The Dissent Of Man' album.
House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA - March 2008 - Front (652x1000)
Show 2008 Authentic
13" x 19" - Unknown paper quality - Poster advertising the March 4, 5, 11, and 12 2008 shows at the West Hollywood House of Blues. 100 made. Features a yellow crossbuster against a black field with yellow stars above a depiction of a burning car.
Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia NOV 09 - Front (640x928)
Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia NOV 09 - Print Number (750x1000)
Show 2007 Authentic
27" x 18.5" - Unknown paper quality - Poster using the Warfare Jesus from the November 9th 2007 show at the Melbourne Festival Hall. Art by Daymon Greulich, Limited Edition (450 Prints)
New Maps Of Hell -Poster - New Maps Of Hell - Poster (1201x1600)
New Maps Of Hell -Poster -  (584x778)
Release 2007 Authentic
48 x 33 cm - Unknown paper quality - The promotional poster by Epitaph Records for the release of the 'New Maps Of Hell' album.
Vans Warped Tour - Bad Religion - Harley Davidson Motor Cycles - Front (760x1000)
Tour 2007 Authentic
24'' x 18'' - Unknown paper quality - A poster featuring the band superimposed on the New Maps of Hell artwork. At the very top is written "Bad Religion" in red and at the very bottom is put the logos of Epitaph Records, Harley Davidson Motor Cycles and the Vans Warped Tour '07, from left to right.
Live At The Palladium - Promotional Poster - Poster (750x1000)
Release 2006 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - This promotional poster for their upcoming Live DVD, was given out at a small release party / event at Tower Records in Hollywood, CA.
2005-08-22 Melkweg -Handbill - Front (575x823)
2005-08-22 Melkweg -Handbill - Back (571x824)
Show 2005 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - A 2-sided promotional card for the Bad Religion appearance at Melkweg (Netherlands), 'The Empire Strikes First' album and the upcoming 'Live At The Palladium' -DVD.
Empire Strikes First TV Poster - Front (901x754)
Release 2004 Unknown
12" x 12" - Cardboard - Black poster for the release of The Empire Strikes First featuring the image of a television set (with a large eye shown prominently upon the display) in front of a field of red stars.
Recipe For Hate 2004 -Poster - Poster (717x1000)
Release 2004 Bootleg
61cm x 86cm / 24'' x 34'' - Thick, Matte - A poster featuring the Recipe For Hate artwork with a crossbuster. Sold in Germany.
Remaster -Poster - Front (748x1000)
Release 2004 Authentic
18"x24" - Unknown paper quality - Poster promoting the 2004 remastered records, the Vans Warped Tour, and The Empire Strikes First.
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