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Item name Category Year Authenticity
The Process Of Belief -Poster Flat - Poster (1333x1000)
Release 2002 Authentic
30 x 30cm - Card Stock; Slightly Glossy - A promotional poster from The Process of Belief. Black-white artwork on both sides.
The Process of Belief European Tour Poster - Bremen - TPOB tour poster (689x1000)
Tour 2002 Authentic
84x59 cm. - Unknown paper quality - The Process of Belief tour poster for the 2002 show in Bremen, Germany.
Sorrow Radio Promo Poster - Front (1059x1239)
Release 2001 Authentic
12" x 16" - Unknown paper quality - Radio promotional poster for the release of Sorrow. Features the image of a target practice cutout silhouette surrounded by various iconography and a detailed list of the number of plays the song had received on various different radio stations.
Clutch Cargos, New Pontiac, MI, USA -Poster -  (665x1000)
Show 2000 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - This poster was to advertise a BR show in New Pontiac, MI, USA. The show took place on 24 October 2000 at a venue called Clutch Cargos. BR headlined, and were supported by Promise Ring, Kid with Man Head and The Gutterpunx. Only 50 of these posters were ever produced.
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC Canada OCT 2/3 - Front (900x707)
Show 2000 Authentic
18" x 24" - Unknown paper quality - Poster for the October 2nd/3rd 2000 show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Supporting acts Ignite and By a Thread.
Moore Theather, Seattle, WA OCT 04 - Front (421x593)
Show 2000 Authentic
11x17 - Unknown paper quality - Poster featuring a photo of the band advertising their October 4th 2000 show at the Moore Theater in Seattle Washington with The Promise Ring as the opening act.
Ogden Theater, Denver, CO, USA - Oct 10 2000 - Front (456x614)
Posters 2000 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - Silkscreen poster advertising the October 10th 2000 show at the Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado.
The New America - New Album Out Now! -Poster - European (665x925)
Release 2000 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - A promotional poster by Epic/Dragnet for the release of the 'The New America' album and the 'New America' single.
No Substance - Biggest Killer in American History - Front (1126x1574)
Release 1998 Authentic
14" x 18" - Unknown paper quality - Poster advertising the release of No Substance featuring a grayscale image of the Telephone Girl from the album artwork.
No Substance -Poster - European (453x609)
Release 1998 Authentic
60x84cm - Unknown paper quality - A European promotional poster for the release of the 'No Substance' album.
No Substance Release Poster - Front (500x496)
No Substance Release Poster - Back (494x496)
Release 1998 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - Two sided flat poster for the release of No Substance. The front side features an alternate photograph of the call girl used for the album artwork and the reverse side features a box television set with the text "No Substance the new album from Bad Religion" on it's screen.
No Substance TV Set -  (1077x1000)
No Substance TV Set -  (1017x1000)No Substance TV Set - Poster (1524x638)
Misc 1998 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - A promotional TV set made of cardboard with a thick poster stating "Bad Religion - No Substance".
Tested Flag With CD Single - Flag with CD Single (1000x750)
Flags 1997 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - This was a promotional item for the Tested live album. It features a flag with the same design found on the back of the Tested album and a CD single for the album.
Tested Promo Poster (English) - Front (929x1249)
Release 1997 Authentic
60cm x 84cm - Unknown paper quality - Promo poster for the 1997 release of Tested. Features album artwork.
Tested Promo Poster (German) - tested poster (1333x1000)
Tested Promo Poster (German) - close-up top (1333x1000)Tested Promo Poster (German) - close-up bottom (1333x1000)
Release 1997 Authentic
60x84cm - Unknown paper quality - A German Tested promo poster.
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