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Item name Category Year Authenticity
Tested Flag With CD Single - Flag with CD Single (1000x750)
Flags 1997 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - This was a promotional item for the Tested live album. It features a flag with the same design found on the back of the Tested album and a CD single for the album.
Tested Promo Poster - tested poster (1333x1000)
Tested Promo Poster - close-up top (1333x1000)Tested Promo Poster - close-up bottom (1333x1000)
Release 1997 Authentic
60x84cm - Unknown paper quality - A German Tested promo poster.
The Palace, Melbourne, Australia, FEB 14-15  - Front (431x1000)
Show 1997 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - Red and white poster distributed by RRR 102.7 FM of Melbourne Australia, advertising the February 14th and 15th 1997 shows featuring SNFU.
Punk Rock Song - Front (538x507)
Release 1996 Authentic
12" x 16" - Unknown paper quality - A 1996 radio poster advertisement for the upcoming release of The Gray Race and featuring tour dates from fist leg of the 1996 North American Gray Race tour.
Punk Rock Song Poster - Front (750x1000)
Release 1996 Authentic
40 x 60 cm - Unknown paper quality - Poster for the release of the Punk Rock Song single advertising the 1996 Europe Tour.
Punk Rock Song UK Display Flat - Display Flat (996x1000)
Release 1996 Authentic
12'' x 12'' - Glossy, Thin - A display flat for the 1996 Punk Rock Song single from the UK.
RKCNDY, Seattle WA, NOV 8th - Front (402x600)
Show 1996 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - Silkscreen poster. For Nov 8 1996 at RKCNDY in Seattle.
The Gray Race - Band & Barcode -Poster - Poster (653x1000)
Release 1996 Authentic
20'' x 30'' - Glossy - A promotional 'The Gray Race' poster featuring the band and with a huge barcode underneath.
The Gray Race Baby Eyes - Poster (470x235)
Release 1996 Authentic
12'' x 24'' - Glossy - A poster in the measurements of 12x24'' featuring the eyes of the baby that were presented in the album artwork. "New Album - Coming Soon - In Stores February 27 1996 - Bad Religion - The Gray Race" is written on top of the picture above a hightened barcode
The Gray Race blockmounted poster - Poster (716x658)
The Gray Race blockmounted poster -  (1200x1600)
Release 1996 Authentic
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - No description available
The Gray Race In Store Promo Mini Poster - Front (1000x843)
The Gray Race In Store Promo Mini Poster - Back (1000x881)
Release 1996 Authentic
12" x 12" - Unknown paper quality - Two sided mini poster for the release of The Gray Race. One side features the gray scale head shots used in for the album artwork with two of the faces differing. The reverse side features the white Bad Religion text logo and The Gray Release title within a circular barcode all set against an orange field.
21st Century (Digital Boy) Single - 1995 - Front (723x1000)
Release 1995 Authentic
7" x 5" - Newspaper - Newspaper clipping printed on February 4th 1995 advertising the upcoming release of the upcoming 10" picture disc single release of 21st Century (Digital Boy).
All Ages -Handbill - Front (750x1000)
All Ages -Handbill - Back (749x1000)
Release 1995 Authentic
6'' x 8'' - Unknown paper quality - A 2-sided card by Epitaph Records promoting the All Ages album.
All Ages Promotional Poster - Front (685x1000)
All Ages Promotional Poster - Back (679x1000)
Release 1995 Unknown
Unknown measures - Unknown paper quality - Double sided promo poster for the All Ages release. The front side of the poster features an image of Moses holding the stone tablets bearing the ten commands over various pieces of church imagery. The rear side of the poster features the Bad Religion text logo over the compilation album artwork.
Bad Religion Crossbuster -Flag - Flag (750x1000)
Bad Religion Crossbuster -Flag - Flag Closeup (1333x1000)
Flags 1995 Authentic
106x69cm - Unknown paper quality - A Bad Religion flag featuring the classic Bad Religion-Crossbuster design. The Giant Merchandise Collection. Produced by Heart Rock Italy. This one sold at a Canadian music festival back in 1997.
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