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Black Market #7 - Cover (1071x1400)
Interview | Magazine 12/16/1987 English PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Black Market #7 (United States)
With: Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley, Lucky Lehrer
Flipside #43 (August 1984) - Cover (1063x1400)
Interview | Magazine 8/1/1984 English PDF/JPEG
Interview with Greg Graffin. Greg talks about "Into The Unknown", Greg Greg and growing up.
Source: Flipside #43 (August 1984) (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Raising Hell #2 (Summer 1983) - Cover (874x1240)
Interview | Magazine 8/1/1983 English PDF/JPEG
This fanzine from Leeds, UK contains an interview that was sent in by one of their readers. It's clearly from another magazine.
NOTE: most of this interview is probably made up or Greg Graffin and Brett were just having some fun, because at that time no plans ever existed for touring the areas mentioned in the interview.
Source: Raising Hell #2 (Summer 1983) (United Kingdom)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Destroy L.A. #5 - Cover (1048x1400)
Interview | Magazine 6/1/1983 English PDF/JPEG
This was an interview that Destroy L.A. (Alternative Beat) did on Bad Religion before the magazine released the Sound of Hollywood compilation (which had two BR songs on it), and before Bad Religion released Into The Unknown.
Source: Destroy L.A. #5 (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Paul Dedona
Diplomatic Defense - Front (1068x1400)
Interview | Magazine 6/1/1983
Unknown. Year is also unknown.
Source: Diplomatic Defense (United States)
We Got Power #4 (september 1982) - Cover (529x700)
Interview | Magazine 9/1/1982 English PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: We Got Power #4 (september 1982) (United States)
With: Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Pete Finestone
Youth Manifesto - Front (328x432)
Interview | Other 6/1/1982 Audio
A cassette tape sold in 1982 that featured interviews with and music snippets of Bad Religion, Black Flag, R.F.7, Saccharine Trust, Red Rockers and Youth Brigade. The bands were asked for their ideas and views on America, religion, government, politics, war, hippies, police, and just about everything that affected the American society back then.
Source: Youth Manifesto (United States)
Destroy L.A. #1 - Cover (627x806)
Interview | Magazine 4/1/1982
No synopsis available
Source: Destroy L.A. #1 (United States)
Touch And Go #16 (December 1981) - Cover (1073x1400)
Interview | Magazine 12/1/1981 English PDF/JPEG
Short interview with Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin and Jay Bentley by Tesco Vee (founder of Touch And Go and vocalist of The Meatmen). This interview can also be found in the Touch And Go book (a collection of all T&G issues) published by Brazillion Points (
Source: Touch And Go #16 (December 1981) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Flipside #25 (August 1981) - Cover (700x1005)
Interview | Magazine 8/1/1981 English PDF/JPEG
Very first Flipside interview with Greg, Brett, Jay Bentley and Jay Ziskrout. The band talks about the local scene, clubs and the first EP.
Source: Flipside #25 (August 1981) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Jay Ziskrout
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