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Sound Test...Bad Religion alla prova! - No image (x)
Interview | Internet 5/7/2002 Italian
Greg Hetson takes part in a sound test and has to guess the artists. Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley and Brian Baker also comment on the songs and artists.
Source: Punkadeka (May 7, 2002) (Italy)
With: Brian Baker, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
Up Magazine #3 (May 2002) - Cover (989x1400)
Interview | Magazine 5/1/2002 Dutch PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Up Magazine #3 (May 2002) (Netherlands)
With: Brian Baker, Jay Bentley - No image (989x1400)
Interview | Internet 5/1/2002 German
No synopsis available
Source: (Germany)
With: Jay Bentley
Bad Religion Interview - Cover (1084x1400)
Interview | Magazine 4/1/2002 English PDF/JPEG
Jay Bentley talks about the recording of The Process of Belief, Greg's Ph.D., playing the Warped Tour, being on the road and making setlists.
Source: Destroy All Skratch #74 (Skratch Magazine) (April 2002) (United States)
Loveline: Monday, April 1, 2002 - No image (1084x1400)
Interview | Radio 4/1/2002 Audio
No synopsis available
Source: Loveline: Monday, April 1, 2002 (United States)
Interview | Newspaper 3/7/2002 English
No synopsis available
Source: Boston Phoenix, March 7-14, 2002 (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Greg Graffin of Bad Religion - No image (1084x1400)
Interview | Internet 3/6/2002 English
No synopsis available
Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta (
With: Greg Graffin (March 2002) - No image (1084x1400)
Interview | Internet 3/1/2002 English
Extensive interview with Brian Baker. Brian talks about the band's return to Epitaph, Brett rejoining Bad Religion, The Process of Belief, writing songs and solos, 9/11 and his favorite music.
Source: (March 2002) (United States)
With: Brian Baker
Organ #73 - Cover (760x950)
Interview | Magazine 3/1/2002
No synopsis available
Source: Organ #73 (United Kingdom)
Bad Religion Isn
Interview | Newspaper 3/1/2002 English
No synopsis available
Source: Orlando Sentinel, March 1, 2002, p. 8 (United States)
With: Jay Bentley
Darwin, Dogma And Loud Guitars. Bad Religion Comes Home - Cover (1000x1293)
Interview | Newspaper 3/1/2002 English PDF/JPEG
An extensive article about the band's history with many comments from Brett Gurewitz. Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson and Jay Bentley also comment on the story of the band.
Source: LA Weekly Vol.24 #15 (March 1-7, 2002) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
...Fuck The Power! - No image (1000x1293)
Interview | Magazine 2/26/2002 Italian
Jay Bentley talks about the Process of Belief, the band's message and being a father.
Source: Kronic (February 26, 2002) (Italy)
With: Jay Bentley
Interview with Greg Hetson - No image (1000x1293)
Interview | Internet 2/6/2002 English
No synopsis available
With: Greg Hetson
Interview with Brian Baker - No image (1000x1293)
Interview | Internet 2/5/2002 English interviews Brian Baker about touring, playing shows, setlists, The Process of Belief, the song-writing process, American Lesion and computer games.
Source: Pastepunk (February 5, 2002) (United Kingdom)
With: Brian Baker
Music Scan fanzine (Germany) - No image (1000x1293)
Interview | Internet 2/1/2002 English
No synopsis available
Source: Music Scan fanzine (Germany)
With: Jay Bentley
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