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Digital ist besser - Cover (561x800)
Interview | Magazine 5/1/2000 German
No synopsis available
Source: Uncle Sally*s #56 (May 2000) (Germany)
With: Brian Baker, Jay Bentley
Interview Bad Religion - No image (561x800)
Interview | Internet 5/1/2000 German
Interview with Brian Baker about The New America and how it was recorded, touring in South-America and Europe and other punk bands.
Source: Mucke Und Mehr (May 2000) (Germany)
With: Brian Baker
To Be Punk in (the New) America - Cover (177x216)
Interview | Magazine 4/26/2000 English
Punk Demi-God Graffin Talks about Opening for Blink-182.
Source: SLAMM Magazine #132 (April 2000) (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Loveline:  Tuesday, April 25, 2000 - No image (177x216)
Interview | Radio 4/25/2000 Audio
No synopsis available
Source: Loveline: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 (United States)
Viva 2 Rock Special - Screenshot (320x240)
Interview | Television 4/16/2000 Video
Greg Graffin and Jay Bentley talk about the incident in Santos, Brazil in 1999 and the 2000 summer tour in Europe.
Source: Viva 2 Rock (April 2000) (Germany)
With: Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
4P Fanzine (April 2000) - No image (320x240)
Interview | Internet 4/15/2000 German
Brian Baker talks about his other bands (Dag Nasty, Minor Threat), The New America, and opening for Blink-182.
Source: 4P Fanzine (April 2000) (Germany)
With: Brian Baker
Interview with Brian - No image (320x240)
Interview | Internet 4/1/2000 German
Interview with Brian Baker by German Ezine Waste of Mind. The interview is mainly about The New America, playing (German) shows, and the hardcore scene.
Source: Waste of Mind (April 1, 2000) (Germany)
With: Brian Baker
Big Brothers - Cover (804x1100)
Interview | Magazine 2/1/2000 Italian PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Rock Sound Punk Special #3 (February 2000) (Italy)
With: Greg Hetson
American Graffitti - Cover (1005x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/2000 French PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Rock Sound #81 (2000) (France)
With: Greg Graffin
Getting Something Out Of It - No image (1005x1400)
Interview | Internet 1/1/2000 English
No synopsis available
With: Bobby Schayer
Neljästoista kerta toden sanoo - Page 1 (1925x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/2000 Finnish PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: Rumba, no. 8, 2000 (Finland)
With: Greg Graffin
Greg Hetson by Thomas Anonymous - No image (1925x1400)
Interview | Internet 11/7/1999 English
No synopsis available
Source: The Bad Religion Page & The Bad Religion Mailing List
With: Greg Hetson - No image (1925x1400)
Interview | Internet 9/12/1999 German
No synopsis available
Source: (Switzerland)
With: Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
Entrevista: Brian Baker - No image (1925x1400)
Interview | Internet 9/1/1999 Portuguese
An interview with Brian Baker by the Brazilian website Rock Online. Brian talks about changing, No Substance, Campino's part on Raise Your Voice, and signing major labels.
Source: Rock Online (September 1999) (Brazil)
With: Brian Baker
I Don
Interview | Newspaper 1/28/1999 English
Greg Graffin explains why he's playing the Mumia Abu-Jamal concert on Jan 28, 1999
Source: APB News (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
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