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People Screaming F**k! - Cover (980x1400)
Interview | Magazine 3/1/1995 English PDF/JPEG
Interview with Jay Bentley about punk rock, signing to Atlantic and the departure of Brett Gurewitz.
Source: RAW #170 (March 1-14, 1995) (United Kingdom)
With: Jay Bentley
Generation Next - Cover (1076x1400)
Interview | Magazine 2/1/1995 English PDF/JPEG
Greg Graffin talks with Rolling Stone Australia about his career with Bad Religion, experimenting with new musical styles, becoming a 'rock star' and being a dad.
Source: Rolling Stone #506 (February 1995) (Australia)
With: Greg Graffin
Sony seems to be the hardest word - Cover (978x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/21/1995 English PDF/JPEG
No synopsis available
Source: New Musical Express (21 January 1995) (United Kingdom)
With: Greg Graffin
Ill Literature #9 (1995) - Cover (1074x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/1995 English PDF/JPEG
Brett Gurewitz talks about the BR discography, the production of Stranger Than Fiction, and the band as a family.
Source: Ill Literature #9 (1995)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Creation Science vs Bad Religion - Cover (1088x1400)
Interview | Magazine 1/1/1995 English PDF/JPEG
A debate between Greg Graffin and Bill Hoesch, a member of the Institute for Creation Research. The two talk about creation science and evolution.
Source: Hypno Volume 5, #2 (1995) (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Bad Religion
Interview | Magazine 12/29/1994 English
No synopsis available
Source: Rolling Stone, Dec. 1994 (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Under The Volcano #23 (December 1994) - Cover (1090x1400)
Interview | Magazine 12/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Under The Volcano talks with Greg Hetson and Bobby Schayer about hockey, the 1980 LA punk scene, being on a major label, producers, being on the road and Wayne Kramer.
Source: Under The Volcano #23 (December 1994) (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer, Greg Hetson
Interview | Magazine 12/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Interview with Brett Gurewitz, Jay Bentley and Greg Graffin. Brett and Jay talk about their first exposure to punk, the early days of the punk scene and organized religion. Greg was interviewed separately and talks about his PhD, organized religion and the meaning behind 'Slumber.'
Source: Hypno Vol.3 #11 (December 1994) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley
Against the grain - No image (1000x1199)
Interview | Internet 11/28/1994 English
No synopsis available
Source: (United States)
With: Greg Graffin
Bad Religion: faith in the future - Cover (1059x1400)
Interview | Magazine 11/23/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Scene, a weekly magazine from Northeast Ohio, interviews Greg Hetson about the new record Stranger Than Fiction and signing to a major label.
Source: Scene #46, Vol. 25 (November 23-30,1994) (United States)
With: Greg Hetson
Soundi, October 1994, pp. 54-56 - Cover (1018x1400)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/1994 Finnish PDF/JPEG
Jay and Greg talk about the move to Atlantic Records, guest musicians on Stranger Than Fiction, Greg's academic career and moving away from L.A.
Source: Soundi, October 1994, pp. 54-56 (Finland)
With: Jay Bentley
FOE (Freedom of Expression) #28 (Fall 1994) - Cover (773x1000)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/1994 English PDF/JPEG
Bobby Schayer talks about the band, signing to a major label, punk rock music in general and his first band.
Source: FOE (Freedom of Expression) #28 (Fall 1994) (United States)
With: Bobby Schayer
Hardcore Milionario - Cover (990x1298)
Interview | Magazine 10/1/1994 Italian PDF/JPEG
Interview with Greg Hetson. This interview is part of a three-piece interview (the other interviews were with the Offspring and Green Day).
Source: Rumore #32, Vol.3 (October 1994) (Italy)
With: Greg Hetson
De peetvaders van de tweede punkgolf: Bad Religion - Cover (1074x1400)
Interview | Magazine 9/10/1994 Dutch PDF/JPEG
Interview with Brett Gurewitz about signing to a major label and running a record label.
Source: Oor #18 (September 10,1994) (Netherlands)
With: Brett Gurewitz
Mr. Brett
Interview | Magazine 9/1/1994 English
The Big Takeover interviews Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz about (recording) their album Stranger Than Fiction. It was done about 3 months before Brett decided to not tour with Bad Religion anymore.
Source: The Big Takeover #36 (1994) (United States)
With: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin, Greg Hetson
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